Division cases

This information was the most current on file in criminal division of Marion County District Court as of Feb. 15. Information often is not available until more than a week after hearings. Journal entries must be checked by the defense, prosecution, and judge before they are filed.

Justin R. Bowley, 718 S. Elm St., McPherson; plea hearing/trial setting held Jan. 28; pleaded no contest to two counts of assault and criminal trespass; sentencing set for March 12.

Jesse Alan Branson, 215 W. 10th St., Florence; plea/diversion status hearing held Jan. 28 on charge of domestic battery; diversion status hearing set for Feb. 12; diversion agreement filed Feb. 12; ordered to pay $330 and complete anger management counseling; diversion term is six months.

Nicole R. Hardey, 611 Abilene, Durham; three counts of giving a worthless check dismissed Feb. 11 after defendant paid restitution, court costs, and booking fee.

Patricia Miller, 211 N. Jefferson St., Hillsboro; dismissal continued from Feb. 4 to Feb. 12 on charge of misdemeanor theft.

Caleb Patrick Woodcox, 1910 275th Road, Marion; first amended information filed Feb. 13; charged with possession of an hallucinogenic drug (marijuana).


Nathan A. Bianchi, 750 Pebblebrook Circle, Apartment 12, Manhattan; arraignment held Jan. 16; planned to enter diversion on charges of failure to maintain a single lane of travel and transporting alcohol in an open container; diversion status hearing set for Feb. 20.

Cody L. Fistler, 785 Old Mill Road, Peabody; status hearing held Jan. 28; bench trial set for March 12 on charges of driving while license canceled, suspended, or revoked and no proof of insurance.

Kenneth H. Nelson Jr., 214 N. 2nd St., Marion; sentenced Jan. 28 on conviction of driving under the influence to 90 day controlling jail term; ordered to serve five days in jail then placed on probation for 12 months; ordered to pay $1,453; forbidden from using alcohol or drugs and from entering establishments that make most of their revenue from the sale of alcohol; ordered to submit to drug and alcohol testing, complete 20 hours of community service or pay $7 per hour; forbidden from driving without a valid license, tag, and insurance; ignition interlock device ordered installed on vehicle for two years.

Last modified Feb. 20, 2013