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Criminal cases

This information was the most current on file in criminal division of Marion County District Court as of Nov. 30. Information often is not available until more than a week after hearings. Journal entries must be checked by the defense, prosecution, and judge before they are filed.

Lacey J. Bailey, 210 W. 11th St., Florence; status hearing held Nov. 13 on charges of two counts of endangering a child, possession of an hallucinogenic drug (marijuana), and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia; jury trial set for Jan. 24 and status hearing set for Jan. 2.

Ralph W. Ballinger, 115 N. Alleghany, El Dorado; restitution hearing on disorderly conduct held Nov. 13; transcript of sentencing hearing ordered; status hearing set for Dec. 11.

Deven G. Clark, 107 W. Arms, Toronto; sentenced Nov. 7 to controlling 12 month terms on each of two convictions of possession of drug paraphernalia and controlling 30 day term on conviction of transporting alcohol in an open container; ordered to pay $1,430.90 in fees and fines; ordered to submit to drug and alcohol testing and to follow recommendations of drug and alcohol evaluation; forbidden from entering businesses that receive most of their revenue from the sale of alcohol and forbidden from having contact with co-defendant Mark Turner.

Dakota Landon Dillashaw, 606 S. Cedar St., Marion; preliminary hearing continued from Nov. 7 to Jan. 23 on charges of obstructing official duty, criminal damage to property, assault, disorderly conduct, and criminal threat.

Danny Fistler, 785 Old Mill Road, Peabody; preliminary hearing continued from Nov. 7 to Nov. 28 on charge of possession of stolen property.

Robert Scott Henderson, 602 E. 5th St., Peabody; plea hearing on charges of aggravated assault, criminal restraint, domestic battery, and battery continued from Nov. 21 to Dec. 11.

Keith Hess, 1980 Ridge Road, Marion; second amended complaint filed Nov. 20; charged with two counts of battery.

Schuyler Grant Hulett, 122 W. 5th St., Florence; motion to suppress hearing held Nov. 13 on charges of possession of an hallucinogenic drug (marijuana) and possession of drug paraphernalia; judge found for the defense that air freshener wasn’t an obstruction of view, granted motion to suppress, and dismissed case.

Jesse L. Marshall, 1104 E. Luther, Wichita; hearing motion for bond forfeiture continued from Nov. 19 to Dec. 17.

Trenton Gregory Reif, 1815 Tyler St., Great Bend; Oct. 29 jury trial reset for plea hearing Nov. 13; at plea hearing Nov. 19, pleaded guilty to criminal trespass and disorderly conduct; sentencing set for Jan. 9.

Kirk W. Seals, 111 E. Pine, El Dorado; diversion status hearing continued from Nov. 13 to Nov. 19 on charge of domestic battery.

Ian Anders Weisbeck, 210 6th St., Durham; status hearing on motion to determine competency held Nov. 5; mental competency evaluation with Prairie View ordered; ordered to be held in jail until competency evaluation; hearing set for Nov. 13 on charge of criminal damage to property.

Gary D. Williams, 202 Garfield St., Marion; motion to revoke bond denied Nov. 1; all bond conditions remain in effect on charge of rape.

Andres Charles Yebra, 205 Vine St., Marion; first appearance made Nov. 19 on charge of aggravated assault; preliminary hearing set for Dec. 5.


Patrick Egan, 123 Nickerson, Burns; first appearance made Nov. 21 on charge of driving while license canceled, suspended, or revoked; arraignment set for Jan. 16.

Thomas L. Likins Jr., 2101 Exchange, Wichita; failed to appear Nov. 13 at sentencing on conviction of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol; bench warrant ordered.

Sean Paul McDougal, 709 Abilene, Durham; first amended complaint filed Nov. 27; charged with speeding and failure to give certain information after an accident.

Nathan Jay McGee, 812 N. Olive, Peabody; motion to revoke probation withdrawn at disposition hearing Nov. 13; ordered to serve 48 hours in jail, then probation unsuccessfully terminated.

Kyle Michael Wenger, 600 N. Cedar St., Marion; first appearance made Nov. 21 on charge of driving without a valid driver’s license; arraignment set for Dec. 19.

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