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Creatures of the night stalk city streets

Staff writer

Peabody Police Chief Bruce Burke cautions residents to bring in dog and cat food and keep lids on trash receptacles tightly closed as coyotes are coming into town in search of food.

“They are giving birth this time of year and they are drawn to pet food you might be leaving out overnight,” he said. “They are searching for extra ‘groceries’ these days and we have had several sightings in town.”

Burke reminds that residents are not allowed to shoot coyotes because it is illegal to discharge a gun in the city limits.

“We can’t encourage people to break the law and fire a gun, even if it is just to scare the coyotes off,” he said. “The best thing to do is keep your own pets indoors, keep pet food put away, and make sure trash containers are not open or overflowing.”

Last modified May 7, 2015