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County tops in state for mortgage approval

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When Darren Franz walked into Hillsboro’s Emprise Bank to apply for his first home loan, it helped to see familiar faces.

“I can walk in there and everyone knows who I am,” he said. “It helped make things more comfortable and relaxed in a very stressful situation.”

Franz bought his first home last year, and said working face-to-face smoothed the process.

“I felt like it was really easy to get,” he said. “They helped with everything I needed and answered any questions.”

The odds were in Fanz’s favor, as 70.89% of applicants for home loans in the county are approved.

“It wouldn’t surprise me that Marion County would have a high approval rate,” said Don Noller of Marion National Bank. “For the most part, people have pretty good credit.”

In addition to credit scores, banks look at applicants’ debt-to-income ratio, time spent at their current job, and time at current residence.

Marion County has the eighth-highest home-loan approval rate in Kansas, according to a SmartAsset survey.

The county’s approval rate is just as good as, or better than, rates for counties of a similar size. Nemaha County has a higher approval rate of 72.54%, but Allen County’s rate of 54.84%, and Bourbon’s at 57.77% are both lower.

Approval rates are boosted by the number of financially secure people moving to houses around Marion County Lake, Noller said.

“They’re looking for a second home or a retirement home, so they aren’t getting turned down,” he said.

As a first-time homeowner, Franz didn’t have the advantage of a well-established credit history that a retired applicant would have.

“It has its own set of challenges because my credit history isn’t as long as someone who is retiring,” he said. “Altogether it wasn’t a difficult process, but it was nerve-wracking.”

Most houses in the county are listed at $75,000 to $95,000, according to Marion real estate agent Lori Heerey.

An $80,000 mortgage in Marion County for 30 years has an annual percentage rate around 3.894%, while it would be around 3.671% for 15 years.

A lower average sale price can make loan application approval easier for banks and buyers but affordability remains a factor, Noller said.

“We don’t have million-dollar properties, but we have some over $250,000,” he said. “You have to have the income to support that payment.”

Having been through the process once, Franz said it will help if he buys a new house in the future.

“I have a more general idea of what’s coming, though I don’t have any plans to move,” he said.

Last modified Oct. 3, 2019