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County should consider investing in broader position

With the recent resignation of the county’s road and bridge superintendent, the county is probably considering numerous options.

Should we advertise for another superintendent or should we be looking for an engineer?

How about a county administrator? Is this the time to consider that?

Money is always a consideration when looking for a replacement, particularly a department head. But there is the old adage that you get what you pay for — most times, anyway. The commission is probably concerned about paying more for an engineer or county administrator but if the expense saves the county time and money down the line, wouldn’t it be worth it?

The road department is the largest department in the county with the largest budget and the most employees. Careful management of the department keeps the rest of the county budget in the black.

How many times has the county used an engineering firm for roads and bridges?

How many hours has been spent by county personnel and the commission to determine the feasibility of buying or leasing large equipment?

What is the best decision for the future of the county and not just filling a position today?

The county has a lot on its plate right now with proposed road projects and a new jail in the works — even more reason to consider something more than just another replacement.

What this really comes down to is county planning.

Planning is an important part of the commission’s function, which includes the courthouse.

Besides landscaping, the commission needs to consider a plan for updating the interior. We know it takes money to do all of this but just not planning anything should not be an option.

Let the commission know if you have suggestions.

— susan berg

Last modified July 6, 2011