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County population declines

In the most recent nationwide census, Marion County population decreased by 701 residents — from 13,361 residents in 2000 to 12,660 in 2010 — a 5.25 percent decrease.

Marion County boasted a population of 16,000 residents in the 1960 census and has experienced declines each decade since.

Marion County was not alone — more Kansas counties lost than gained residents in the most recent census with 77 of 105 counties losing population and only 28 seeing an increase.

The county seeing the highest percentage which was 23 percent increase was Geary with 6,415 people moving there in the past 10 years, increasing to 34,362 in 2010.

On the losing end of the census data, Kiowa County saw the highest percentage of decrease, losing 725 residents or 22.12 percent of its population, indicating 2,553 residents.

Other counties with double-digit losses were Chautauqua, Cheyenne, Decatur, Edwards, Elk, Gove, Graham, Greeley, Greenwood, Jewell, Kearny, Lane, Logan, Ness, Osborne, Rawlins, Republic, Sherman, Smith, Trego, Wallace, Washington, and Wichita.

Counties with double-digit increases, along with Geary County, were Johnson, Pottawatomie, Miami, Douglas, and Leavenworth.

The U.S. Census Bureau has not yet released city population data.

Last modified March 10, 2011