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County keeps insurance plan

Staff writer

Marion County Commission decided to renew the county’s health insurance policy with Blue Cross/Blue Shield on Monday.

Commissioners stated that not much was gained in terms of cost with other plans and that more was lost in benefits.

The county pays $556 toward all plans for employees, which covers the cost of a single plan. If an employee chooses a family plan, they are required to pay $700 to Blue Cross/Blue Shield for the additional coverage. All plans are under the standard $1,000 deductable. Employees have the option of a $500 or $1,500 deductable.

Commissioners said they would look at reducing the burden on the family plan and having single employees pay more when planning for the 2013 budget in July.

New truck

A new truck and accessories were approved for the Emergency Management Department.

The four-wheel drive Chevrolet Silverado cost $27,375. A cargo slide, grill guard, and two steps were approved for $4,661. Lights for the top of the vehicle from KCOMM were approved for $2,987.

Emergency Management Director Dan D’Albini said the vehicle was necessary in case of emergencies near muddy dirt roads that a car may not be able to traverse.

In other business:

  • Marion County Emergency Medical Services has a new volunteer medical director, EMS director Steve Smith said. Shauna Kern takes over for Randall Claassen. Kern is a doctor working at Hillsboro Community Hospital; she lives in Hillsboro.
  • The commission approved a resolution to be written by County Attorney Susan Robson to give lot 40 along Lincoln Street in Tampa to the City of Tampa. The property was originally slated for above ground storage for the county but is now overgrown. “It will only cost us time and money,” Commissioner Roger Fleming said. The county already gave Tampa lots 37 and 38 along Lincoln Street.
  • The EMS department was unable to sell an ambulance to the Peabody Fire Department because the fire department did not have space for the vehicle. Smith said he would try to sell the ambulance to the Tampa Fire Department for the initial asking price of $1,700.
  • The EMS department’s quarterly write-offs totaled $8,090.
  • A refinancing payment of $2,581 was approved for the final payment of the transfer station.
  • A special fireworks permit was approved for Elaina Nightengale, who lives north of Hillsboro. Nightengale wants to launch fireworks on July 14 for a small wedding reception. Commissioners added the caveat that Nightengale needs to inform Hillsboro Fire Chief Ben Steketee of her intentions.

Last modified April 12, 2012