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This jail roster was obtained Tuesday from the jail’s inmate listing system.

NEW jailings

Darrell T. Artka, 46, Hillsboro, arrested Thursday by Hillsboro police on suspicion of driving while his license was canceled, suspended or revoked; having no liability insurance; and displaying a fictitious, revoked, or suspended license. Released 1½ hours later on $1,000 surety bond.

Nicole M. Cimorelli, 34, Hillsboro, arrested Tuesday by Hillsboro police on a warrant alleging failure to appear in court. Held in lieu of $200 cash bond. Previously jailed March 26 to 27 for failure to appear in court.

Raymond J. Johnston, 19, Hillsboro, arrested Sunday by Hillsboro police on suspicion of domestic battery, assault, and aggravated endangerment of a child. Released 11 hours later on $1,500 surety bond. Previously jailed Nov. 22, 2019, on suspicion of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia and conspiracy to contribute a child’s misconduct.

Steven A. Katz, 36, Hillsboro, jailed Saturday to serve a 48-hour sentence. Previously jailed June 13 to 20 to serve a seven-day sentence and Aug. 2, 2020, on suspicion of aggravated domestic battery, domestic battery, and criminal restraint.

Kacey L. Nickel, 47, Ramona, arrested Sunday by a game warden on suspicion of driving under the influence, conspiracy to endanger a child, and transporting an open container of alcohol. Released seven hours later on $2,500 surety bond.

Carey E. Penrod, 31, Ramona, arrested Friday by a sheriff’s deputy on suspicion of probation violation. Released six hours later on $250 cash bond. Previously jailed July 6, 2020 to July 12, 2020, on suspicion of possession of opiates and drug paraphernalia.


James V. Boese, 33, Goessel, jailed since March 3.

Tanner L. Jasper, 21, Hillsboro, May 15.

Clayton T. Lingenfelter, 23, Hillsboro, June 8.

Robert B. Mans, 48, Wichita, Oct. 29.

Donald J. Miller, 30, Peabody, June 17.

David D. Solomon, 56, Peabody, May 25.

Lonney R. Teichmann, 61, Peabody, Dec. 12.

Christopher R. Wilson, 32, Marion, Sept. 15.

Willie J. Young, 59, Wichita, June 17.

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