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Arrests and bookings

Bradley Berndt, 22, Herington, arrested Friday by Marion police on a charge of possession of a controlled substance.

Robert Henderson, 42, Peabody, jailed Friday by court order.

Mary Shirak, 54, Solomon, arrested Sept. 19 by sheriff’s deputies on a charge of giving a worthless check.

Gordon Walker, 28, Peabody, arrested Sept. 16 by Peabody police on charges of disorderly conduct and battery.

Remaining from previous weeks:

Jordan Allen, 25, Hillsboro, jailed since Aug. 28.

Joseph Bauer, 32, Hillsboro, since Sept. 6.

Todd Beneke, 29, Herington, since July 24.

Leslie Coker, 53, Wichita, since July 24.

Dakota Dillashaw, 18, Marion, since June 30.

Travis Grosse, 37, Marion, since Aug. 26.

Lacey Kimbrough, 31, Florence, since Sept. 12.

Christopher Lieder, 24, Hillsboro, since Sept. 13.

Ricci Welter, 45, Brewster, since May 22.

Last modified Sept. 26, 2013