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New arrests

Alexis Worthington, 23, Walton, committed by the court March 3.

Harlan Comer, 47, Overbrook, arrested March 4 by Marion police on suspicion of possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Conan Glickman, 46, Hillsboro, arrested March 7 by Hillsboro police on a San Diego (California) County warrant.

Daniel Mitcham, 53, Newton, arrested March 8 by sheriff’s deputies on a motion to revoke bond.

Allena Barnette, 32, Marion, arrested March 8 by sheriff’s deputies on suspicion of trafficking contraband in a correctional institution and violating probation.

Stormy Snedocor, 58, Wichita, arrested Thursday by sheriff’s deputies for alleged failure to appear in court.

Remaining from previous weeks

William Camden, 43, McPherson, Jan. 17.

Joseph Caudle, 40, Hillsboro, Feb. 7.

Lenn Farley, 28, Warrior, Alabama, Jan. 15.

Brandon Farrar, 37, Wichita, Feb. 16.

Sarah Harsh, 57, Colby, March 1.

Amy Parks, 29, Marion, Feb. 15.

Jenni Lee Preece, 25, Florence, Jan. 16.

Stephen Stafford, 67, Hillsboro, Jan. 28.

Last modified March 16, 2017