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Arrests and bookings

According to jail logs released Friday:

Arrests Jan. 6 through Friday

Andrew Meier, 22, Lehigh, jailed Jan. 13 on court orders.

Marilee Burge, 22, Hillsboro, jailed Jan. 14 by Hillsboro police for alleged possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Lenn Farley, 28, Warrior, Alabama, jailed Jan. 15 for alleged theft and interference with law enforcement.

Jenni Lee Preece, 25, Florence, jailed Jan. 16 for alleged battery.

William Camden, 43, McPherson, jailed Jan. 17 pursuant to a court action to revoke bond.

Charles Ellis, 42, Wellsville, jailed Jan. 17 by Marion police for allegedly driving with a suspended license.

Todd Cortner, 53, Orangevale, California, jailed Jan 17 after allegedly failing to appear in court.

Trent Hostetter, 28, Hutchinson, jailed Jan. 17 to be held for court proceedings.

Lyle Ledford, 47, Newton, jailed Jan. 18 on court orders.

Travis Grosse, 40, Marion, jailed Thursday on allegations of driving under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving with a suspended license, and driving with an expired tag.

Steve Kahn, 58, Hillsboro, jailed Friday for allegedly violating a protection from stalking order.

Remaining from previous weeks

Kellie Anderson, 26, Fowler, jailed since Nov. 27.

Robert Ayers, 42, Hillsboro, Oct. 28.

Mark Elkins, 51, McPherson, Jan. 3.

Cody Fistler, 26, Lyons, Jan. 9.

Stephen Stafford, 67, Hillsboro, Jan. 28, 2016.

Last modified Jan. 26, 2017