Arrests and bookings

According to jail logs released Friday:

Arrests July 1 through Friday

Darren Giessert, 34, Burdick, jailed on court orders July 1.

Lyle Ledford, 46, Hillsboro, arrested by sheriff’s deputies July 2 for allegedly failing to appear in court.

Bradford Cody Jr., 30, Hillsboro, arrested July 6 after bond was revoked.

Jason Brooks, 43, Peabody, arrested July 6 by Peabody police after bond was revoked.

John Hays, 33, Florence, arrested July 6 by sheriff’s deputies on charges of battery, disorderly conduct, and criminal damage to property.

Gary Williams, 55, Marion, jailed for state Department of Corrections.

Remaining from previous weeks

Andrew Block, 25, Dwight, jailed since June 8.

Westly Brand, 32, Marion, Oct. 27.

Jordan Brundage, 21, Peabody, April 12.

Cory Brunzell, 22, Clay Center, Jan. 11.

Robert Mitcham, 41, Newton, Feb. 1.

Dustin Shiplet, 33, Marion, June 19.

Marla Shiplet, 54, Marion, June 24.

Stephen Stafford, 67, Hillsboro, Jan. 28.

Shawn Stahlheber, 43, Peabody, May 1.

Last modified July 14, 2016