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arrests and bookings

These individuals were arrested and booked into Marion County Jail:

New arrests

Heaven Spohn, 35, Emporia, arrested by a sheriff’s officer March 17 for failing to appear in court.

Andrea Hendricks, 26, Florence, arrested March 19 by Florence police, accused of two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Ashley Kangas, 25, Peabody, arrested by a sheriff’s officer March 18 for failing to appear in court.

Matthew Kangas, 26, Peabody arrested March 18 by a sheriff’s officer for failing to appear in court.

Travis Grosse, 34, Peabody, arrested March 23 by a sheriff’s officer, suspected of violating probation.

Eric Tucker, 25, Manhattan, arrested by a state trooper March 23 on a Chatham County, Ga., warrant for a probation violation.

Andrew Shipman, 18, Florence, arrested March 22 by Marion police on suspicion of violating probation.

Dustin Shiplet, 28, Newton, arrested by Marion police March 23 on a Kansas Department of Corrections arrest and detain order for violation of release.

Andrea Hendricks

From previous week

Lora Gay, 37, Peabody, July 22.

Terry Bowen, 63, Peabody, July 22.

Kenneth J. Frederick II, 20, Peabody, July 22.

Chris Leider, 21, Hillsboro, Oct. 8.

Julian Russell, 26, Wichita, Nov. 10.

Phillip Pulliam, 54, McPherson, Jan. 6.

Michael Jakabosky, 20, Hillsboro, Jan. 31.

Harley Brammer, 34, Salina, March 10.

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