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arrests and bookings

These people were reported booked into Marion County Jail last week:

New bookings

Kelli Bowen, 26, Wichita, arrested July 27 after failing to appear in court.

Jeremy Bailey, 31, Florence, accused by highway patrol of possession of depressants and drug paraphernalia July 25.

Drew Cederberg, 26, Hillsboro, accused by highway patrol of driving while intoxicated July 25.

Jon Davis, 37, Ramona, accused by highway patrol of driving under the influence and with a suspended license July 29.

Sydnie Flint, 23, Marion, began serving a court commitment July 29.

Brian Grosse, 29, Marion, accused by Marion police of aggravated battery, disorderly conduct, and criminal damage to property July 27.

John McCullick, 45, Tampa, accused by sheriff’s office of disorderly conduct July 23.

Lindsey Nachbor, 21, Marion, accused by Marion police of battery July 27.

Terry Scheuerman, 46, Marion, jailed after bond revoked; no date provided.

Remaining from previous week

Jordan Allen, 21, Marion, since Nov. 5.

Terry Bowen, 63, Peabody, July 22.

Daniel Bowes, 33, Hillsboro, July 17.

Dustin Carson, 24, Wilsey, June 21.

Stacey Dienes, 35, Florence, June 17.

Justin Fitzmaurice, 21, no town provided, July 13.

Kenneth J. Frederick II, 20, Peabody, July 22.

Lora Gay, 37, Peabody, July 22.

Michael Jakabosky Jr., 20, Hillsboro, July 23.

David Orcutt, 55, Peabody, July 20, 2009.

Zachariah Remmers, 25, Herington, March 10.

Eric Williams, 22, Florence, June 29.

Daniel Zinn, 41, Lost Springs, June 24.

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