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County gets 3-year road plan

News editor

Road and Bridge Superintendent Randy Crawford presented a three-year schedule for chip-sealing blacktop roads to Marion County Commission on Monday.

Crawford’s plan calls for the county to chip-seal an average of 42 miles of roads at a cost of more than $900,000 a year from 2013 through 2015.

The commission took no action on the plan. Action may come when the commission works on the 2013 budget, County Clerk Carol Maggard said Tuesday.

2013: Quail Creek Road between 290th and 360th roads; 290th Road from Diamond Road to Lincolnville; 340th Road from Lost Springs to U.S. 77; and Limestone Road between 290th and 330th roads.

2014: Pawnee Road east of Marion Reservoir; Eisenhower Drive at the edge of Marion; 190th Road from Goldenrod Road to K-256; Goldenrod Road from 190th Road to U.S. 56; Sunflower Road from U.S. 50 to Marion; Industrial Road at the edge of Hillsboro; Indigo Road from U.S. 50 to Hillsboro; Nighthawk Road at the edge of Peabody; and Old Mill Road near Peabody.

2015: Kanza Road near Hillsboro; 150th Road from K-15 to Indigo Road; 40th Road between Timber and Yarrow roads; 60th Road between Old Mill and Timber roads; 120th Road between Bison and Indigo roads; 330th Road from Meridian to K-15; and 140th Road from Pawnee Road to U.S. 77.

The commission approved purchase of 8,000 gallons of unleaded gasoline and diesel from Cooperative Grain & Supply of Hillsboro for $24,192. Cardie Oil Inc. of Tampa bid $24,345.

Crawford requested setting weight limits of 65,000 pounds on new two-inch asphalt overlay roads, except for local deliveries, as well as keeping the speed limit at 45 mph on those roads. The roads involved are 40th Road between Timber and Yarrow roads, 60th Road between Old Mill and Timber roads, 120th Road between Indigo Road and K-15, and 330th Road between Meridian and Quail Creek Roads. The commission approved the weight limit and told Crawford to talk to County Attorney Susan Robson about legalities and Sheriff Rob Craft about enforcement.

The commission approved having 37 miles of blacktop roads striped for $842 per mile.

Last modified June 14, 2012