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Country blogger shares recipes

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As a teenager, Ashleigh Hett Krispense, 21, of Marion, ran across a cookbook containing pictures of wild horses and bought it for the photos. She wasn’t interested in cooking but noticed the recipes were accompanied with illustrated step-by-step instructions.

The book inspired her to begin a food blog. A year later, she established a website,, that includes her blogs and other posts.

“My blogs are quite a bit different now,” she said. “I was just playing around then. I’ve improved them a lot.”

She posts photos and writes stories about rural life. Some of her recipes and step-by-step directions appear in a regular column in Grass and Grain, an agricultural newspaper covering a large area of eastern and central Kansas.

Ashleigh’s website is divided into four parts – farm life, main dishes, desserts, and ramblings. She said photos for her step-by-step recipes turn out best in natural light. She uses a table set by a large window.

Her recipes are simple, using familiar ingredients and easy to make.

She has expanded her posts to include homestead ideas, such as choosing the right breed of chicken or preserving strawberries the easy way.

After high school graduation, Ashleigh took college courses online from Waldorf University in Iowa. She studied social media marketing and graphic design, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in applied sciences and communication and a minor in criminology and policing.

Doug and Cherrie Hett are her parents. She married Kolton Krispense a year ago. He is involved in a large cattle and farming operation with his family. Her website includes recipes for things that can be made quickly and taken to the men in the field.

She has more than 28,000 followers. Operating a website has been a learning experience, she said. Keeping up a website takes time and effort.

She hopes to provide an online coaching service for people who have home-based businesses and want help in establishing a social media presence.

She said the driving force behind her work is the opportunity to share her Christian values. She encourages people to slow down and put family and
God first.

“I honestly have no idea where it will go,” she said. “For the moment, I enjoy sharing with others. And it’s not just about me; it’s for the glory of God.”

Southern 3-ingredient Peach Crockpot Cobbler


1 box yellow cake mix

2 21oz. cans peach pie filling

10 oz. butter, sliced in pieces

2/3 cup walnuts, chopped (optional)


  • Rub insides of crockpot with butter or use cooking spray.
  • Spread peaches evenly over bottom.
  • Spread cake mix evenly over peaches.
  • Place butter slices evenly over cake mix
  • Sprinkle walnuts over all.
  • Bake on High 2-3 hours, until top portion is cooked through and somewhat firm.
  • Scoop into serving bowl, top with dollop of ice cream, and serve warm.

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