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Countdown is on for July 4th

With one weekend remaining before the 88th annual fireworks extravaganza, Peabody Fourth Celebration Society is winding down the building of display pieces.

“We have about five more to build,” chairman Brian McDowell said. “We have been able to get most of them done and this next weekend should take care of it.”

McDowell said he still was looking for someone to be in charge of a horseshoe tournament.

“It will start at 8 a.m. at the horseshoe pits at city park,” he said. “They are usually done before it gets too hot, so it’s a pretty easy job.”

Letters have requested donations to help pay for aerial and ground displays. Treasurer Kristi Silvernale said donors were responding.

“Even with the economy the way it is, people seem to want to see the celebration continue,” she said.

McDowell noted that Peabody’s vendor was cutting back on materials stocked for ground displays.

“He said most communities have gotten away from building their own shows anymore because they lack volunteers, time, and resources to do it,” McDowell said. “He wondered if Peabody would continue doing it the way we always have.

“I told him that one way or another Peabody would continue to build ground displays just as we have always done.”

McDowell still is willing to show any interested volunteers how to create the popular fireworks displays.

“It is the celebration the community is known for,” he said. “We can teach a lot in the remaining two afternoon work sessions. Volunteers who are interested are still welcome.”

To volunteer to help, contact McDowell at (620) 504-6261.

Last modified June 25, 2009