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Wonsevu correspondent

For the weekend of March 17 and 18, guests of John and Denice Lang were Jessica, Maddox, Dana, and Daxton of Strong City. Their granddaughter Dana was an overnight guest.

Also on the weekend of March 17 and 18, John, Johnny, and Kyle Grockett went to Missouri for a fishing trip.

On March 24, John and Denice Lang hosted daughter Jaimie of Wichita and Nate Myres.

Sympathy is extended to the family of Paul Silhan, Dale and Tootsie Snellings’ brother-in-law, Eleanor’s husband, who passed away recently.

Doni Rogers hosted the community sharing group March 21 at the community building in Burns. Those in attendance included Everett and Janet Cress, Joyce Padgett, Les and Linda Allison, Carol Kutz, Dave Folley, Rodney Charleston, Hunter Cress, Sandi Cunningham, and Bill and Margie Williams.

Dinner guest of Bill and Margie Williams on Saturday was Will Soyez.

On Sunday, the dinner guest of Bill and Margie was grandson Carl Williams, of Wamego.

On Friday, Hazel Clothier met her daughter Teresa Hill in Marion for lunch.

Dinner guests of Clothier on Sunday were Kevin and Teresa Hill of Marion.

On Friday, Lonnie and Sharon Smith hosted their daughter Julia Smith and Kash, from Medicine Lodge.

Everett and Janet Cress’s grandson Hunter Cress, of Pittsburg, spent the week with them.

On Saturday, Everett, Janet, and Hunter met Brandon Cress at Fredonia and ate lunch together. Hunter returned home with Brandon.

On Sunday, dinner guests of Everett and Janet Cress were Davis and Shawna Goodwin from Douglas

Last modified March 29, 2012