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Wonsevu correspondent

Doni Rogers, Bill and Margie Williams, and Everett and Janet Cress attended a graduation reception May 16 for Johnny Lang at the home of his parents, John and Denise and Jaimie.

Doni Rogers and Dale and Tootsie Snelling attended the annual senior dinner May 18 at Burns Community Center.

Doni attended the outdoor wedding of Amber Langeneger and Andy Hansen May 15 at the home of Amber’s parents.

Dale and Tootsie Snelling went to the graduation and nurse’s pinning ceremony May 15 for their granddaughter, Lynn Mia. After the ceremony, they returned to Goessel to the community building where Sherry and Keith Hett hosted a reception for Lynn.

Lynn’s daughter, Elly, also celebrated her second birthday. The group also celebrated Leann Lewman’s birthday and Mother’s Day. Later there was a cookout with friends and relatives.

Hazel Clothier met her daughter, Teresa Hill, for lunch May 14 in Marion.

Hazel went to her grandson, Heath Hill’s, graduation May 15 at Centre High School.

On Mother’s Day, Bill and Margie Williams met Gary Williams, Terry Stienbacher, Neva Hicks, Gayla Soyez, Elliot and Samantha for lunch in Newton.

Bill and Margie Williams attended a graduation reception May 15 for their granddaughter, Samantha Soyez, at the home of her parents, Will and Gayla Soyez, at Goddard. Samantha will be going to Pratt Community College in the fall to play basketball.

Everett and Janet Cress went to a cookout that Brandon Cress had for his daughter’s eighth-grade promotion. Brandon’s sisters and their families also attended.

Everett, Brandon, and Montana Cress went to Worlds of Fun May 13 for the eighth-grade trip.

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