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Dean Snelling is recuperating at parents’ home

Wonsevu correspondent

Dean Snelling is recuperating at the home of his parents, Dale and Tootsie Snelling. He came home May 18. He continues to undergo therapy.

Larry Soyez, Marge Osgood, Mary Root, and Francis Meirowsky are also recovering.

Hazel Clothier met her daughter, Teresa Hill, May 20 for lunch in Marion. Hazel attended a hog roast for Bryan Harper on May 21 at Florence Legion Hall.

Doni Rogers attended Tristen Snelling’s graduation party May 15 in Marion. Doni went with Dave and Amber Griffin to Brook Griffin’s preschool program in Cottonwood Falls.

Doni attended a sharing group May 18 at the Everett and Janet Cress home. Doni also visited Dean Snelling.

A graduation party for Jaimie Lang was May 22 at her home. Her parents, John and Denise Lang, hosted it.

Guests of Bill and Margie Williams on May 21 were their grandson Carl Williams and his wife, Becca, of Wamego. Bill and Margie attended the hog roast benefit for Bryan Harper later that day at Florence Legion Hall.

Bill and Margie attended Jaimie Lang’s graduation party May 22.

Dale and Tootsie Snelling attended the graduation May 15 of their granddaughter, Tristen Snelling, in Marion. After graduation, they went to Dan and Tammy Snelling’s home for the graduation party.

Dale and Tootsie also attended the eighth-grade graduation May 17 of their grandson, Seth Snelling, in Marion.

Don Yoke, of Centralia, Wash., was a visitor May 10 through 17 of Everett and Janet Cress. He visited Chase County annually as a young child.

Hunter Cress of Cedar Point visited his grandparents, Everett and Janet Cress, May 9 and 10.

A sharing group supper was May 18 at the home of Everett and Janet Cress. Dave and Janice Ditts of Abilene were the Cresses’ guests May 20. Supper guests May 21 were Joe and Yvonne Roland of Cedar Point.

Joe Roland, Jack Branson of Cedar Point, Warren Hager of Florence, and Ashley Ballew of Burns called on the Cresses May 22. They were preparing for the Memorial Day campout.

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