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Residents attend funerals

Wonsevu correspondent

Doni Rogers attended the funeral of William Koehn on March 23 at Burns.

Dale Snelling attended the funeral of Roy Hager on March 25 in Florence. Everett and Janet Cress also attended the funeral.

Rylee Ownbey, Ollie, and Harper of Hutchinson visited Everett and Janet Cress on March 26 and they ate lunch together. Other lunch visitors were Brandon Cress, Montana, and Hunter of Cedar Point. The next day, Shealah Gulick and Dave West of Newton visited.

Hazel Clothier met her daughter and granddaughter, Teresa and Cassidy Hill of Marion, for lunch March 25 in Marion. The next day, Teresa and Cassidy visited Hazel at her home.

Hazel Clothier ate lunch with Jean Everett on March 27 in Florence.

Gary Williams was a dinner guest March 25 of his parents, Bill and Margie Williams. The next day, Bill and Margie met Gary Williams, Terry Stienbacher, and Neva Hicks for pie and coffee in Florence.

Last week’s news

Doni Rogers went to Newton March 15 to Presbyterian Manor for supper with a Bible study group.

Doni Rogers and Bernice and Jerry Odle went to Burns March 19 for supper.

Dale Snelling hosted a community sharing group supper March 16. Those attending included Janet and Everett Cress, Bill and Margie Williams, Carol Kutz, Doni Rogers, Dave Foley, Rodney Charlton, and Sandi Cunningham.

Dale and Tootsie Snelling went to church March 20 in El Dorado. While in El Dorado, they visited Dewayne and Donna Snelling, Dale’s brother and sister-in-law.

Janet Cress spent March 18 with her sister, Julia Ritter, in Windom. Julia had just returned home from the hospital after a recent knee surgery.

Bill and Margie Williams went to Little Rock, Ark., March 10 and stayed with Margie’s sister Thelma Thigpen. They visited Bill’s sister Mary Williams who is in the hospital. On March 12, Bill went to Harrell, Ark., to visit two other sisters, Lola Smith and Sylvia Williams, and returned to Thelma’s March 13. They visited Mary in the hospital again on March 13 and 14 and returned home March 15.

Dinner guests of Bill and Margie Williams March 20 were Gary Williams, Gayla Soyez and Will of Goddard, Carl and Becca Williams of Wamego, and Hazel Clothier. They had a belated celebration for Bill’s birthday.

Hazel Clothier and daughter, Teresa Hill, had lunch out March 18.

Becky Whitcomb Miller and Matthew Whitcomb visited Hazel Clothier.

Visitors of Hazel Clothier March 20 were Pat and Janet Post.

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