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Memorial Day activities held

Burns correspondent

Sandy Sayers visited her parents, Lawrence and Lois Sayers, on May 25 and 26. They went to cemeteries in Burden and Winfield. They called on Bud and Sharon Taylor in Winfield. Gilbert, Venita, and Vanessa Loewen were callers at the Sayers’ home the evening of May 26.

Ronnie and Patti Gaines, Kenny and Roma Koehn, Jeff and Jill Koehn and girls, and Shawn and Jean Koehn and boys enjoyed camping out at Marion County Lake from May 23 to 28. Dusty Gaines of Wichita joined them on May 26 and 27.

Marvin and Sherol Nightengale took Norma Riggs of Marion to Burns for lunch on May 25.

Dinner guests May 26 of Renferd and Wanda Koehn, Lonnie and Carolee, were Nathan Koehn and Dalen and Beth Koehn. That evening Lonnie and Carolee joined others at the Jake and Rhonda Schmidt Campground.

Renferd and Wanda Koehn and Lonnie attended the Eden Church breakfast at the Burns Park the morning of May 27.

Vernon and Judy Koehn called on Jake Koehn and Obed Schmidt at Moundridge Manor and Harvey and Erma Koehn at Pine Village in the afternoon on May 26.

The Burns Alumni Reunion was held May 26 at the Burns Community Center. Marie Clark and Joyce Kyle joined their classmates for the event.

Hadlye Clark was a May 29 guest of her grandmother Marie Clark.

Joyce Kyle had lunch May 27 with Jim and Beulah Goering and with Bert and Scott Zogelman on May 29.

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