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Visitors from Pennsylvania attend wedding

Burns correspondent

Willie and Kathy Bender and Weldon of Mifflinburg, Pa., arrived the afternoon of July 21 at the Vernon Koehn home. They came to attend the wedding of Willie’s nephew July 24 at Halstead. Wanda Koehn, Kevin and Jan Jantz and family, Rose Forgy and family, Luana Isaac, Bertha and Loretta Koehn and Dalen, and Beth Koehn were additional July 25 supper guests at the Koehn home. The Benders and Vernon and Judy Koehn were dinner guests of Wanda Koehn July 26.

Sympathy is extended to the family of Mark Weber, who died July 20. Several in the community attended his memorial service the morning of July 26.

Ben Plummer of El Dorado and Kay Hall of Newton met Al and Bonnie Plummer for breakfast Saturday morning in Burns.

Dalen and Beth Koehn were July 24 dinner guests of Renferd and Wanda Koehn. Lonnie and Carolee recently attended a wedding at Halstead. Renferd went to the airport in Wichita the evening of July 24 to bring his father, Nathan Koehn, home. Nathan had been visiting his daughter and family at Belleville, Pa., for several weeks.

Jim and Beulah Gehring, Mary Langenegger, and Joyce Kyle had supper July 22 in Burns.

Jennifer Stucky of Newton came July 23 to visit her mother, Marie Clark. They were supper guests of Mark and Shayla Clark and Hadlye. Other guests were Martin and Peggy Van der Weg of Newton.

Bob Kyle called on Joyce Kyle late in the afternoon July 19.

Relatives, neighbors and friends have provided Joyce with much appreciated “garden goodies.”

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