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Myron and Sally Ammeter arrived late Thursday afternoon at the Ammeter farm. They were here for supper. B.J. ate with us, too. After supper they went to Opal Craney’s to spend the night. Blaine Ammeter of Ellinwood arrived later and spent the night.

Myron came from Opal’s Friday morning to hunt as did Blaine and B.J. Stan was sick, so he didn’t go.

Michele Boese and LaVonne went to physical therapy Friday morning in Marion and did some shopping.

The hunters ate lunch and Myron left for Opal’s in the late evening and Blaine went home to Ellinwood.

Melody and Steve Magetta arrived at the farm late Saturday afternoon with my new microwave. Later Kevin and Emily Haxton and Elyce and Avery arrived. They all were here for supper and spent the night. My three great-grandchildren are growing. Stan joined us for supper.

Melody and I went to church services Sunday at Summit. Kevin and Emily and the children left early Sunday morning. Pastor Ragland had a really good Thanksgiving message.

Eric and Kristin Magetta and Matthew arrived early Sunday morning to spend the day, as Matthew says, “on Great-Grandma Ammeter farm.” They all were dinner and supper guests with B.J., Stan, and I. Such a great day!

Carolyn Holm came to visit Monday afternoon. She had been to Legacy Park to visit Laura Braham. B.J. and I cooked pheasant for supper. A new experience for some. It was wonderful.

Michele Boese and I went to physical therapy Tuesday morning at Marion and also had some lab work. We visited LeRoy Riggs and Ruby Vinduska at St. Luke Living Center.

B.J. and I took a cake Tuesday afternoon for a birthday party at Legacy Park. We visited Dorothy Whidler, Emma Shaw, and Don Gillet.

How about this weather? Fifties and 60s at the end of November.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. We all have so much for which to be thankful.

Last modified Dec. 3, 2008