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Dinner guests Friday were Blaine, B.J., Todd, and Stan. Carol went to Marjorie and Don’s in the morning to spend the day. Blaine, B.J., and Todd went in the afternoon. Todd and B.J. returned to Ellinwood. Blaine and Carol returned to LaVonne’s to spend the night and Saturday.

Matt and Seyan Watts, Lydia and Katie and Anna Watts arrived at the Ammeter farm late Friday evening to spend the night. They left for Wichita Saturday morning for Christmas dinner at Carolyn and Jack’s. We did so enjoy them.

Blaine, Carol, and I went to Wichita for Christmas dinner to Carolyn and Jack’s. Dinner guests were Toby and Patricia Foster of Sand Springs, Ohio, and their boys, Scott, Billie, Kevin, and Jacob; George and Rose Watts of Agency, Mo.; Anna and Katie Watts of Kansas City; Jim and Kathy Holm, Bailey and Carly, Matt and Seyan Watts and Lydia, Kathryn Ireland, Blaine, Carol, and LaVonne. Lots of good food and fun. Snowed on us all way home. Carol and Blaine returned to Ellinwood in the late afternoon.

Michele Boese came Monday morning and we decorated a cake for Legacy Park and took it to the home. We visited Don Gillet, Elsie Tittle, Emma Shaw, Donna Rohb, Dorothy Whieler, Rubena Jost, Laura Branham, and Aunt Nonie Widler. All are doing well.

Eric Magette and Matthew of Eudora arrived Tuesday morning at great-grandma’s farm to spend the day. We had such a good day. Stan and B.J. joined us for lunch. We had tea parties, walked on the bales, and saw the cattle. He’s quite a great-grandson.

John Boese and Dylan visited B.J. and me late Tuesday afternoon.

Boy, we’ve had some strange weather. Rain, hail, and snow, and today there are really warm temperatures. I wish you all a very Happy New Year and don’t forget to thank God for all our many blessings.

Last modified Jan. 7, 2009