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On Aug. 8, Stan Ammeter took LaVonne Ammeter to Florence to get her hair cut.

On Aug. 9, Faie Fredrickson came to LaVonne’s to visit in the afternoon. Stan came by too.

Stan came to the Ammeter farm again on Aug. 12 for lunch.

He took LaVonne to Peabody for groceries and medicine on Aug. 13. Sandi Fritz stopped by LaVonne’s in the afternoon.

On Aug. 14, it rained and LaVonne measured 6/10ths of an inch. LaVonne went to Burns to the Senior Citizens’ potluck lunch at the community building. The group enjoyed good food and good fellowship.

Late in the afternoon Ty and Marcie Fredrickson and Giles and Grady stopped by the Ammeter Farm to visit. They will be leaving for Oman soon.

Later, LaVonne talked to Larry and Theo Jean Winzer of El Dorado.

Last modified Aug. 23, 2012