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LaVonne Ammeter went Dec. 7 to Florence for a hair appointment.

Michele Hartnagel came to the Ammeter farm Dec. 8 to take LaVonne to Marion for an appointment at St. Luke Hospital. B. J. had a friend from Bison come to the farm to go hunting.

On Dec. 9, the deer hunters came to LaVonne’s for lunch. B.J.’s friend left to return to Bison Friday evening. LaVonne received a report on the progress of her granddaughter Emily who is doing a little better.

LaVonne went to Keri and Dan Wiebes’ for lunch on Dec. 10 and took a tour of their new home, their store, and the dairy. The Wiebe children have grown so much since they lived north of the Ammeter farm.

On Dec. 11, LaVonne went to church at Ebenezer Methodist Church.

B.J. took LaVonne to Peabody on Dec. 12 for groceries.

The Christmas luncheon with the Burns Senior Citizens took place on Dec. 13. Blondie Logan picked up LaVonne and they attended the luncheon. A good crowd attended and the food was good.

After lunch, Blondie and LaVonne went to Marion on business and LaVonne kept a medical appointment. They both did grocery shopping.

Stan Ammeter came for supper and Blaine Ammeter came from Ellinwood to spend the night. Blaine took LaVonne to Newton the morning of Dec.14 for an appointment.

Also on Dec. 14, LaVonne received word that her cousin Betty Wyss Bower had died.

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