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LaVonne Ammeter and Blondie Logan went to Burns for lunch at the Red Brick Café on Sept. 29. LaVonne visited at Blondie’s awhile and Stan Ammeter stopped by LaVonne’s later.

Myron Ammeter visited the Ammeter farm Sept. 28 early to take LaVonne to Newton for a medical appointment. The same day, Sally Ammeter took her mother, Opal Craney, to the doctor in McPherson. They did some shopping. When the four arrived back at the farm, they went to Durham to pick up peaches. Later Myron and Sally left for Manhattan.

Blaine Ammeter visited from Ellinwood to spend the night on Sept. 30. On Oct. 1, he went to Manhattan to attend the Kansas State University football game.

Gary Davis visited from Newton and he and LaVonne attended services at Ebenezer Church on Oct. 2. A church visitor was Gerald Gregerson from Minnesota. He grew up in the Summit community and lived up the road from where LaVonne grew up.

Later that afternoon Myron and Sally Ammeter and Opal Craney stopped by after a trip to Oklahoma to attend a wedding. They visited with LaVonne and Gary.

Donella Humphries of Florence took LaVonne to Peabody to do some shopping Oct. 3, followed by lunch and lots of visiting.

LaVonne heard from family that great-grandson Mitchell Bunger is doing well as he recovers from surgery.

Steve and Melody Magette of Ellinwood spent the day Sept. 21 at the Ammeter farm. Steve took care of a list of projects for LaVonne Ammeter, and they all went to Burns for lunch, then to El Dorado in the late afternoon. The Magettes went home late in the evening.

Blaine Ammeter returned home to spend the afternoon Sept. 23. He also stayed overnight. Blaine and B.J. Ammeter went to Wichita in the late evening. Stan Ammeter visited in the afternoon.

Stan Ammeter and his friend Daryl from Wichita went hunting Sept. 24. Blaine and B.J. spent the afternoon watching the Kansas State University vs. University of Miami football game. Later Blaine and LaVonne went to Durham to get peaches. Blaine went home in the early evening.

Also on Sept. 24, Hadley Clark and Emma Schroeder visited LaVonne.

LaVonne went to church at Ebenezer Church on Sept. 25. Carolyn Metz and Becky visied LaVonne for lunch. Carolyn and LaVonne went to Florence in the afternoon to attend the 65th wedding anniversary of Richard and Lucille Wyss at the Methodist church.

Joyce Kyle picked LaVonne up Sept. 26 and they went to Lois Sayers’ home for Twentieth Century Club.

Donella Humphries went to LaVonne’s on Sept. 27. She took LaVonne to Peabody to the bank and grocery store then returned to the Ammeter farm for lunch. Humphries left in the late afternoon.

Shayla and Hadley Clark visited LaVonne later.

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