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On Sept. 7, Blaine Ammeter visited LaVonne Ammeter and we went to El Dorado to the eye doctor and did some shopping. Later ,Kenneth Mattheyer called from Texas and said they were coming on Sept. 8.

Blaine and B.J. went grocery shopping for LaVonne on Sept. 8. In the late afternoon, Kenneth and Betty Mattheyer of Marshall, Texas, and Sue Rackley of Chandler, Okla., arrived at the Ammeter farm to visit until Sept. 10.

Carolyn Holm and Rebecca Holm of Wichita brought supper. Kathy Ireland of Halstead came to join the family. Stan, B.J, and Blaine joined the group for supper. Overnight guests at the Ammeter farm were Carolyn, Becky, Kenneth, Betty, and Sue.

On Sept. 9, Carolyn and the group went to Burns for lunch, visited the Ebenezer church and cemetery, and then went to the farm where Sherwin and Carolyn grew up. Carolyn and Becky left late afternoon for Wichita.

Sue, Kenneth, and Betty left after breakfast on Sept. 10 to go to Chandler, Okla.

On Sept. 11, Gary Davis visited LaVonne and they went to church at Ebenezer. Afternoon visitors of LaVonne were Arin Carlson and Eric Boese of Manhattan.

B. J. and LaVonne went to Marion on Sept. 12 for a doctor’s appointment and shopping. Stan came for supper.

LaVonne went to Burns on Sept. 13 for the monthly potluck dinner and meeting. Clyde Larsen had the program. He played two guitars and a harmonica.

Blaine arrived later at the Ammeter farm to spend the night.

Last modified Sept. 22, 2011