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Amy and Doug Drake and Daniel of Maple Grove, Minn. arrived at the Ammeter farm Aug. 3, along with Myron and Sally Ammeter of Manhattan and their grandson, Collin Bunger. They spent the afternoon and were joined by Stan and B.J. Ammeter for supper. They spent the morning with Opal Craney, went shopping in Newton, and had lunch.

On Aug. 4, B.J. and LaVonne went to Peabody for medicine and then to Marion to the chiropractor.

Meikela Hartnagle of Florence was a visitor at LaVonne’s on August 5.

B.J. went to the Peabody Country Club on Aug. 6, to the birthday celebration for Arlen and Vonnie Gfeller. Blaine and Carol Ammeter came later from the celebration to spend the night. LaVonne had a call from her cousin Mary Jo Keller of Trinity, Texas.

On Aug. 7, Gary Davis came from Newton to go to Ebenezer Church with LaVonne, Blaine, and Carol. They were joined for dinner by Stan and B.J. Ammeter. Carol went to Don and Marjorie Gfellers’ in the afternoon to go to El Dorado and visit Rosemary Gfeller. Blaine and Carol left late in the afternoon to return to Ellinwood.

Carolyn Holm and Rebecca Holm of Wichita and Patricia Foster of Sand Springs, Okla., came Aug. 8 and brought supper for LaVonne. Stan Ammeter joined them and everyone enjoyed an evening of visiting.

On Aug. 9 LaVonne went to Burns to the Senior Citizens’ potluck dinner. There was a good-sized crowd attending. LaVonne presented the program during the meeting. Blaine Ammeter came from Ellinwood to spend the night. He, Stan, and B. J. were supper guests.

Last modified Aug. 18, 2011