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Visitors spend a night at the Ammeter farm

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B.J. and LaVonne Ammeter went to Peabody April 7. On April 8 they went to Peabody on business then to Marion for an appointment and shopping. Later that evening, John Boese and Dylan and friend Dakota were visitors.

Blaine and Carol Ammeter were overnight visitors April 9 at the Ammeter farm. They did a lot of work around the farm for LaVonne.

Carolyn Holm of Wichita arrived April 10 at the Ammeter farm to attend worship services at Ebenezer with LaVonne, Blaine, and Carol. Afterward, Carolyn and LaVonne went to El Dorado to shop and then to Latham to the cemetery. On the way back they visited Marie Clark at Vintage Place in El Dorado. Carolyn left for home later in the evening.

Blaine, Carol, Stan, and Bonnie Ammeter had lunch at the farm. Afterward, Blaine, Carol, and B.J. went to visit Don and Margo.

LaVonne went to Burns April 12 to a potluck dinner at the senior center.

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