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March birthdays are celebrated

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LaVonne Ammeter went to Peabody Senior Center on March 10 for lunch. The diners celebrated March birthdays, including LaVonne’s birthday. A polka band also performed.

LaVonne Ammeter went to Peabody on March 11 for medicine and groceries. Blaine Ammeter arrived later in the evening to stay the night and March 12.

Blaine Ammeter took his mother’s recycling to Burns on March 12. He visited Don and Marjorie Gfeller in the afternoon. Stan Ammeter came to LaVonne’s house for supper. Blaine went home later in the evening.

B.J. Ammeter and LaVonne went to Peabody for medicine and groceries. Michele Boese, Dylan, and Dylan’s friend Bayley, of Peabody, visited LaVonne on March 13. Supper guests were B.J., Stan, and Bonnie Ammeter. Later in the evening, Chris and Donna Ramsey, Ethan, and Alex of Peabody visited.

B.J. and LaVonne went to a doctor’s appointment and shopped March 14 in Marion. Lisa Clark visited LaVonne later in the day.

Last modified March 23, 2011