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LaVonne Ammeter went to lunch Nov. 8 at the Peabody Senior Center and helped make peppernuts. Twenty-four seniors helped with the peppernuts.

B.J. and LaVonne Ammeter went to get medicine Nov. 3 at Peabody.

Blondie Logan visited LaVonne Nov. 5. B.J. and LaVonne went to Marion on business.

B.J. Ammeter went to the Kansas State University game Nov. 6 in Manhattan. Melody and Steve Magette of Dodge City were overnight guests Nov. 6 and spent the next day with LaVonne.

Dinner guests of LaVonne Nov. 7 were the Magettes and Stan Ammeter. They did odd jobs for LaVonne. In the afternoon the group went to El Dorado to shop. Later the Magettes left for Dodge City.

Last week

B.J. and LaVonne Ammeter delivered cake Oct. 28 to Legacy Park in Peabody.

John Boese visited Oct. 29 at the Ammeter farm. B.J. and LaVonne went to a doctor’s appointment in Marion. B.J. attended the Kansas State University football game Oct. 30 at Manhattan.

LaVonne went to Legacy Park on Oct. 29 to attend a birthday party and visited Donna Robb. She was told that Dorothy Whisler had died.

The next day, LaVonne went shopping in Peabody and visited Donna Robb and Richard and Lucille Wyss at Legacy Park.

LaVonne attended church services Oct. 31 at Whitewater Center. Her dinner guests were Stan and B.J. Ammeter. Afternoon visitors were Donna Ramsey, Isaac, Alex, and Ethan.

Trick-or-treaters at LaVonne’s on Halloween were Hadley Clark and her parents, Mark and Shala Clark, and Dylan Boese and his parents, John and Michele Boese.

Joyce Kyle picked up LaVonne on Nov. 2 and they went to Burns. They were joined by Mary Glenn and opened a voting site. Sixty-one percent of the registered voters, a total of 118 people in the Milton and Summit precincts, voted. Joyce and LaVonne took the ballots to Marion County Courthouse in the evening.

B.J. Ammeter and LaVonne Ammeter went to a doctor’s appointment Oct. 20 in Marion. Afterward, they shopped. Blaine Ammeter went to Ellinwood in the evening.

Gary and Marilyn Jones, Pauline McPheeters, and Ross Baker met LaVonne at Summit Methodist Church to load items to be given to a museum.

Carolyn Holm of Wichita came for supper Oct. 23 at the Ammeter farm and stayed the night.

The next day, Carolyn and LaVonne picked up Opal Craney and went to Myron and Sally Ammeter’s home in Manhattan. Amy and Douglas Drake and Donie were staying the weekend at the home of Amy’s parents. Carolyn, LaVonne, and Opal joined Amy’s parents as well as Angela, Chad, and boys for lunch. Carolyn and LaVonne went to Quincy, Mo., to visit Rose and George Watts, Katie, and Annah.

Carolyn and LaVonne attended church and Sunday school Oct. 24 at Frazier Baptist Church where George is the pastor.

Dinner guests at the Watts home were Carolyn and LaVonne, Katie, Annah, George, and Rose, and their friend Annie. They celebrated Rose’s birthday.

Carolyn and LaVonne returned home Oct. 25. The women saw fall foliage on their trip.

B.J. Ammeter went to a dentist Oct. 25 in Ellinwood. Blaine Ammeter arrived at the farm Oct. 25 and stayed the night.

Blaine and Stan Ammeter trimmed trees Oct. 26 and returned home in the late afternoon.

Michele Boese and Dylan visited LaVonne on Oct. 26 and helped decorate a birthday cake for Legacy Park.

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