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Women attend funeral

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Carolyn Holm and LaVonne Ammeter attended Marjorie Morgan’s funeral on Sept. 2. Later they visited Gary Branhan and Beth. They drove to Marion, ate lunch, and visited Prairie Lawn Cemetery on the way home. Later in the afternoon, they went to Latham Cemetery.

B.J. Ammeter and LaVonne went to Marion on Sept. 3 for a doctor’s appointment. Later, LaVonne went to the funeral home for the viewing of Caroll Logan.

Blaine and Carol Ammeter of Ellinwood arrived at the Ammeter farm Sept. 3 to stay the night and weekend.

Early Sept. 4, B.J., LaVonne, Carol, and Blaine went to Manhattan to the football stadium to a tailgate party. B.J. and Blaine attended the Kansas State University football game. LaVonne and Carole watched two children. After the game, they saw Myron and Sally Ammeter’s new home by Tuttle Creek and visited a while. The group returned home. Warren and Phyllis Slocombe visited the tailgate party.

Blaine, Carole, B.J., and LaVonne met Don and Marjorie Gfeller, Arlen and Vonnie Gfeller, and Laura Moore of Newton on Sept. 5 in Florence for lunch. They celebrated Marjorie’s and Vonnie’s birthdays.

Stan Ammeter was LaVonne’s supper guest Sept. 5 with Blaine, Carole, and B.J.

Blaine and Carole went to Don and Marjorie’s on Sept. 5 for lunch.

LaVonne’s visitors Sept. 7 were Michele Montgomery and Lisa Clark. Stan was a supper guest.

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