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Kathryn Ireland went to LaVonne Ammeter’s home Sept. 22. Carolyn Metz of Wichita and Theo Jean Winger of El Dorado picked them up and they went to Council Grove where they met Julane Hiebert for lunch. After lunch, they went to the lake where the Hieberts live and they had a cousins’ reunion.

Mrs. Steve Rose lives next door to the Hieberts and visited for a while. The Roses are former Peabody residents.

Brian Ammeter of Ellinwood arrived Sept. 22 at the Ammeter farm and visited Stan and B.J. Ammeter.

B.J. and LaVonne took a birthday cake to Legacy Park on Sept. 23. Evening visitors were Donna Ramsey, Ethan, and Alex. The next day, B.J. and LaVonne went to Legacy Park for a birthday party. Later they visited Richard and Lucille Wyss, Donna Robb, Dorothy Whisler, and Arlene Scrivner.

Blaine and B.J. Ammeter came to the farm Sept. 25 after the Kansas State University football game. Blaine stayed overnight and the next day. John Boese was an afternoon visitor.

Dinner guests of LaVonne’s on Sept. 26 were Gary Davis of Newton, and Stan, Blaine, and B.J. Ammeter.

Rowena Plett of the Marion County Record interviewed LaVonne, Dorene Kirkpatrick, and Sherol Nightengale on Sept. 27 about the closing of Summit United Methodist Church. The three women have attended Summit church all their lives.

Marie Clark, Norma Clark, LaVonne Ammeter, Joyce Kyle, Sherry Nightengale, and Dorine Kirkpatrick went with Lois Sayers on Sept. 27 to a luncheon and club meeting at Rhonda Brenzikofer’s home.

Dorene and Cindy Holt came to LaVonne’s home Sept. 27 to plan a meal to be served Sunday at the service for the closing of Summit church.

Marilyn Jones and Pauline McPheeters met LaVonne on Sept. 28 at the church.

Donna Ramsey, Ethan, and Alex visited LaVonne on Sept. 28.

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