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Week includes early Christmas

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B.J. and LaVonne Ammeter went to El Dorado on Dec. 15. LaVonne had an eye appointment and they shopped.

On Dec. 16, LaVonne went to Florence for a haircut.

B.J. and LaVonne went to Peabody on Dec. 17 to buy medicine and mail Christmas cards. LaVonne also prepared to go to Manhattan.

Early on Dec. 18, Chad and Angela Bunger of Manhattan picked up LaVonne and Opal Craney and took them to Myron and Sally Ammeter’s in Manhattan to spend the weekend and enjoy an early Christmas. They drove through snow flurries on the way.

Chad and Angela Bunger and their boys spent Dec. 19 with LaVonne. After supper, the group went to see Christmas lights at Manhattan homes.

They group returned Dec. 21 to Peabody and then went to Newton to meet Opal and Sally’s cousins, Thelma Moore and Mary Lou Boegler of rural Newton, for lunch. After lunch, LaVonne and Opal had medical appointments and then returned home. Myron and Sally returned to Manhattan.

B.J. Ammeter visited friends Dec. 19 in Wichita.

B.J. and LaVonne went to Peabody on Dec. 21 to buy medicine and shop.

The same day, Blondie Logan and Bonnie Ayers went to El Dorado for eye appointments and shopping.

Last week

Blaine Ammeter of Ellinwood arrived Dec. 8 on the Ammeter farm and took LaVonne Ammeter to Newton for an appointment and shopping. Blaine returned home later in the day. Anna Watts visited LaVonne that day and stayed the night. Anna had visited her grandparents.

Lunch guests of LaVonne and Anna on Dec. 9 were Stan Ammeter and Andy Ramsey and his friend, Mariah. After lunch, Anna and LaVonne went to Peabody for medicine and groceries. They visited Opal Craney at Legacy Park. Anna left later in the day.

LaVonne picked up Blondie Logan on Dec. 10 and they went to Marion for an appointment and to shop.

Myron and Sally Ammeter of Manhattan arrived Dec. 11 on the Ammeter farm for lunch. In the afternoon, they went to a Christmas party at Legacy Park. They visited Donna Robb and Opal Craney. Gary Davis visited in the evening.

Joyce Kyle picked up Lois and Lawrence Sayers, LaVonne Ammeter, and Marie Clark on Dec. 13 and they attended a program provided by the youth of Eden Mennonite Church at Burns Community Building.

Burns senior citizens met for lunch Dec. 14. Tom and Lisa Clark visited LaVonne Ammeter that evening. Stan Ammeter was a supper guest.

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