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Unusual deadline pressures last week resulted in several errors or confusions, for which we apologize:

  • Home delivery of this week’s papers to one of Marion’s rural routes was delayed from Thursday until Friday because of a mix-up involving the papers accidentally being sent to the Hillsboro rather than Marion post office.
  • A careful reader of our website noticed Thursday morning that an incorrect date appeared in the Page 1 nameplate of the PDF version of our papers. Printed papers had the correct date thanks to an alert pressman who fixed it, but the error was not corrected on the PDF until Thursday morning.
  • Also corrected online Thursday morning, but not corrected in print, was the editorial, “Losing our common cents.” It intended to say that when 12 students were asked how many planned to travel for spring break, 9 said they did — and all 12 reached for their calculators when asked what percentage did not plan to travel. The “not” accidentally was omitted, making the stated answer of 25% seem as if it should have been 75%.
  • A sign outside Dawn’s Day Spa, which we mentioned as having been felled by winds or vandals, was reinstalled between our deadline and when papers were distributed.

Last modified April 13, 2023