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Copped shoes stymie gumshoes

When Alexander Barlow, 18, got back to his fourplex apartment in the 300 block of N. Ash St. in Hillsboro on Friday evening, something was awry.

A front window had been forced open, according to Officer Randal Brazil’s report.

Barlow searched the apartment, which he shares with Amanda Salamone, 18, looking for any missing items.

Everything was there except for one thing, or two — a pair of high heel shoes had vanished from Salamone’s closet.

“The only thing he found missing was that pair of shoes,” chief Dan Kinning said. “I would never know if my wife’s shoes were missing.”

Kinning was unable to provide a description of the shoes, which he said were “still at large.”

“They weren’t ruby red,” he said.

Salamone was out of state when Barlow discovered the break-in, and officers hadn’t spoken with her as of Tuesday. Police are interested in finding out if she may have the shoes with her.

“He says she doesn’t, but I don’t know how he would really know that,” Kinning said.

If the case can be cracked, Kinning is confident they have the edge to do it.

“Well, we are gumshoes,” he said.

Last modified April 26, 2018