• Last modified 1055 days ago (Sept. 29, 2016)


Cooler weather means visit the car wash

Now that it is autumn, cooler weather is on the way, and with cooler weather, it won’t be long before snow and ice follow, which causes roads to get treated and can mean bad news for paint on cars.

Arlie Overton of Arlie’s Collision Specialists in Marion said that the salt brine used to treat roads for ice and snow could start corrosion on car paint if not cleaned off properly.

“When you drive, that gets up in your car,” Overton said. “What we tell people is to try to go through one of those car washes that spray up from the bottom to help get that salt brine from the underside of your car.”

New ways manufacturers paint cars have been able to help protect a car’s paint layer more successfully, but Overton said thoroughly cleaning a vehicle is suggested for no corrosion.

“In today’s world, the clear coat they add is really good for corrosion,” Overton said, “so there’s not a lot you got to do with them other than keep them clean.”

Last modified Sept. 29, 2016