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Completed street gets praise, criticism

Staff writer

On Monday evening, Peabody City Council members discussed the completion of the Locust Street resurfacing project by APAC of Kansas. Council members said they had received both complimentary and critical comments from Peabody residents.

“A number of people think we went beyond the city limits with the new pavement,” Tim Peterson said. “I’ve explained several times that, no, we did not.”

“And there were some comments about us choosing Locust in the first place,” added Tom Schmidt. “But I have also had lots of positive comments. There are appreciative constituents out there.”

The resurfacing project started in the summer of 2011 and was finished during the past week. A faulty drainage area near the city park entrance also was corrected.

The roadwork ends at the city limits where Locust Street becomes 60th Road, a Marion County blacktop.

In other business:

  • Don Bloomer addressed the council during open forum and asked about getting a grant to replace the water pipes so the city could quit paying for water it runs down the gutters. Schmidt explained that because of the grant, loan, and bonds issued to the city for the water and sewer projects, Peabody is not eligible for additional federal funding until the debt is paid down and the city has more collateral at its disposal.
  • In a later discussion about water, the council asked Manning to prepare a list of dead-end lines in the water system so council members could be familiar with them.
  • Manning said Kansas Department of Health and Environment had contacted the city with a complaint from Kenny Rogers about rust from his water line clogging his filters. Rogers has a one-inch water line serving his property. Public Works Director Darren Pickens will place a flush outlet at the end of the line.
  • Schmidt presented council members with a newsletter from the Peabody Historical Society about the National Historic Register designation for the city park and the recognition ceremony on Sept. 29. Council members were invited to attend.
  • Manning told the council that there appears to be termite damage to parts of the city building. The exterior wall of the front office and the stoop of the outside door to the middle office show signs of infestation. He will order a termite inspection.

The next meeting of the Peabody City Council will be at 7 p.m. Sept. 24 in the city building.

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