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Comparing drug plans can lead to big sayings

Staff writer

More than 207 senior citizens in Marion County were helped by comparing their prescription drug plans with other available plans, Department on Aging director Gayla Ratzlaff said Tuesday.

Each person’s list of medications was submitted to the Medicare website. Then, his or her drug plan was brought up and compared to one or two less expensive plans.

By subtracting the cost of those plans from the person’s present plan, he or she saw the possible savings from switching to a new plan.

Ratzlaff said she enrolled 160 people in new plans for a total savings of $101,261. One person saved $7,584 by switching plans.

Sometimes a drug company makes a drug ineligible for Medicare, so the person using that program will pay full price, Ratzlaff said. Premium increases also are common.

“Most people should be doing a comparison,” she said. “I helped a couple of people who hadn’t done a comparison for two years. They were surprised to see how much their premiums had increased. I helped them get a lower-cost plan.”

Pharmacies in Marion, Peabody, and Hillsboro also offer comparisons.

The period for switching plans was Oct. 15 to Dec. 7. It will reopen in October.

Last modified Jan. 10, 2019