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Community Thanksgiving dinner cancelled

Staff writer

For the past six years, the Peabody community has been treated to a free Thanksgiving dinner organized by Luba Holm-Brinkman and her family, assisted by a host of friends, volunteers, and service organizations.

It was a great idea, meant to bring the community together for a meal as well as share fellowship and friendship.

However, as with many good projects, as the success of the event grew, so did the work and the process of organizing so large an undertaking.

“We were always pleased when the number of people attending topped the years before,” Holm-Brinkman said. “It meant that more people were showing up to enjoy a sense of community and the blessing of being together. However, we now find ourselves in a position of having to give up hosting the dinner due to circumstances beyond our control.”

Holm-Brinkman cited the loss of some key volunteers to career changes, health issues, and even death.

“Some of the people who did the most are just not around to do the jobs anymore and there don’t seem to be replacements,” she said.

She also acknowledged some health issues of her own that have contributed to her family’s decision to end their involvement.

“Really, it is with deep regret that we do this. The dinner has been successful and it has been a blessing and a joy to serve the community this way,” she said.

Holm-Brinkman said she and the community Thanksgiving committee were blessed by so many helpful individuals as well as staff from both schools, volunteers from churches and youth organizations, businesses and individuals that donated food and money, and the community for coming out and participating in the event.

“There were so many who supported it in some way,” she said. “I am afraid I might miss someone. Each person played an important part to make it a success and we hope God will richly bless each one.”

Holm-Brinkman also noted there is some money in the Thanksgiving dinner fund at the bank to help defray expenses if another group is interested in keeping the event going. The money will be donated to the Peabody Food Bank if the dinner is discontinued.

Last modified Oct. 6, 2016