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Community foundation finds success

Staff writer

From Nov. 1 to Dec. 31, the Peabody Community Foundation launched an active funding campaign with the addition of two anonymous $10,000 donations to be used to match donations made to the foundation before the end of 2012.

“The Challenge Match was a great success for the foundation and for the Peabody community,” said foundation president N. M. Patton. “In addition, a second dollar-for-dollar match from the Kansas Health Foundation meant even more growth.”

“That means we can count on an increase in total assets of more than $95,000 in permanent endowments through the funds we receive during the next three years,” he added.

“Susan Marshall’s editorial comment in the Dec. 1 Peabody Gazette-Bulletin about the generosity of Peabody people and how willing they are to step up and help the community was correct,” he added. “The Peabody community is to be congratulated for its response.”

In addition to new money for several established funds, two new PCF endowment funds were created during the Challege Match that the community can support.

The first is the Partners of Peabody Parks Endowment Fund. The money will support POPPs projects in Peabody’s park and public areas, helping defray the cost of maintenance and plantings of trees, shrubs, and flowers.

The second is The HUB Endowment Fund. The proceeds of this fund will support events and expenses associated with the HUB Youth Center downtown.

“The class of 2012 was instrumental in getting this fund started and they made a very generous donation of the class funds that were left after their graduation,” Patton said. “The foundation and community are grateful to them for making the first donation and inspiring others to help create this fund that will serve the Peabody youth for a long time to come.”

Patton noted that “Helping Today — Shaping Tomorrow” is the PCF motto and that it takes the assistance of all of Peabody’s residents, alums, and former residents.

“It takes all of us to build today so we can have a better tomorrow. Every nonprofit organization is continually looking for ways to meet the yearly budget and to complete projects that are needed to meet their mission,” he said. “We all need to continue to support our nonprofit organizations.”

Patton likened the Peabody Community Foundation to a community’s 401K plan.

“The Peabody Community Foundation board will continue to grow this endowment,” he said. “Could it be possible to endow every organization’s yearly budget so each organization could work on reaching their goals?

“That would be a great achievement that would be appreciated by Peabody far into the future.”

For more information about the Peabody Community Foundation, creating an endowment, or making a donation contact any PCF board member: N. M. Patton, Lynn Berns, Sharlene Brooks, Marilyn Cox, Brad Nightengale, Barry Peter, Jim Preheim, or Lewis Unruh.

Last modified Jan. 24, 2013