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Commissioners vote to keep their promise

Staff writer

After hearing from a Hillsboro farmer Monday, county commissioners cast a split vote to keep a verbal promise made a year ago to maintain the road he uses to reach his cattle.

When Mike Meisinger last spoke to the commission, he asked for a policy that if he paid for rock for a 1¼ mile section of Mustang Rd. north of 260th Rd., the county would rock and maintain the road. At that time, then-road and bridge supervisor Jesse Hamm said the county would maintain the road.

Meisinger paid for the rock that was laid on the road, but it was not maintained afterward, Meisinger said.

Commissioner Randy Dallke said the county used to maintain roads if landowners paid for rock, but then changed its policy. Dallke also said the county should consider the tax base in deciding which roads to maintain.

Meisinger said the road is now in such poor condition an ambulance would not be able to reach him or one of his employees if they needed medical attention.

Commissioner Dianne Novak contended agriculture is an important part of the county’s economic base, and the county should support it.

“If you’re going to base the decision whether to maintain the road on tax base, it would need to be continuously evaluated,” Meisinger said.

Commissioner Kent Becker said that perhaps Hamm had said some things he should not have said, but he thought the county should honor the promise that was made.

The measure passed on a split vote with Jonah Gehring, Dave Crofoot, Becker, and Novak in favor and Dallke opposed.

Last modified March 5, 2020