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Commissioners vet company interested in providing security

Staff writer

County commissioners heard Monday from a company interested in providing courthouse security services.

“Why I’m here today is to offer to work with you guys,” Jeff Parker of 1st Choice Security, Salina, told commissioners.

Two weeks ago commissioners discussed ways to improve the courthouse and court security during their regular commission meeting. Although commissioners believe a security upgrade needs to be made promptly, they did not know what steps to take.

District judge Michael Powers and sheriff Rob Craft offered requests and suggestions. Powers wants security for the courtroom floor.

Commission chairman Kent Becker said he thought better security measures would benefit the entire courthouse.

Becker asked Parker if having two armed guards watching a single unlocked door would work.

“Just looking at this courthouse, that would be pretty tough to do, to shut down to one door,” Parker said.

Commissioner Randy Dallke asked whether 1st Choice Security or the county would be responsible if a guard was injured trying to remove someone from the courthouse. Parker said his company provides full insurance for a situation such as that.

Parker told commissioners to let him know what they want and his company would meet with the court and the sheriff and work out a plan.

Commissioner Dianne Novak said commissioners might want to talk to other security companies as well.

“The thing I will tell you about is that there are others out there that would be cheaper, but cheaper’s not always better,” Parker said.

Becker asked if a visitor to the courthouse with a concealed carry permit would have to surrender his or her weapon at the door, and Parker said the weapon would have to be placed in the locker.

County commission candidate Amy Soyez said a court bailiff should be paid out of the district court budget, not the county budget, because court fees cover that expense.

Becker said those funds might already be tapped into.

“I guarantee they are,” Soyez said.

Last modified Sept. 12, 2019