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Commissioner, engineer at odds over roads

Goebel says department has no place to store salt to treat icy, slick roads

Staff writer

County commissioners and county engineer Brice Goebel discussed costs and benefits of salting and slurrying paved county roads during Monday’s meeting.

Goebel told commissioners the road and bridge department has no place to store salt for roads.

Salting roads during inclement weather such as Sunday and Monday’s storms creates its own problem because when more snow or ice covers it, the road must be salted again.

Commissioner Dianne Novak said before now, the problem was the county didn’t have equipment to salt or sand the roads.

“Now we have equipment,” she said.

She said a bridge on Pilsen road was completely covered Monday morning and dangerous.

“If you come to Marion County, you have to come at your own risk,” Novak said.

Goebel said the best time to get sand is summer, when prices are lower.

Commissioner Dave Crofoot said sometimes drivers should simply stay home.

“Part of my complaint today is not that you didn’t put salt or sand down, but you wasted your time,” Novak told Goebel. “You didn’t put enough down. It’s hazardous out there.”

Commission chairman Kent Becker said he thinks the main thing is for road and bridge workers to sand or salt timely.

Goebel asked what the commission recommends.

Novak said that’s not in her expertise.

“You’re the engineer, you tell us,” she said.

Goebel said he’d love to put down sand, salt, or brine, but it’s a big cost to do so. He also said when road workers are out with big equipment, they have to worry about other drivers sliding into them.

Last modified Dec. 19, 2019