• Last modified 467 days ago (Jan. 11, 2018)


Commission selects Novak

Commissioner Dianne Novak replaced Randy Dallke as commission chairman Monday.

The position normally rotates among the three commissioners. Last year, however, Lori Lalouette’s turn was skipped and Dallke took an extra turn instead.

“That means that Hillsboro district was shortchanged last time,” Dallke said. “I’m going to open up to Kent.”

Kent Becker, who replaced Lalouette as commissioner for that district last spring, said Novak had been on the board longer than he had.

“I make a move to appoint Dianne Novak to the chair of the board and Kent Becker vice-chair,” Dallke then said. The measure passed unanimously.

Last modified Jan. 11, 2018