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Commission approves new skid steer

Staff writer

A Bobcat skid steer will be purchased for $30,612 for Marion County Transfer Station after the trade-in of a skid steer currently used at the station. The county will finance it for three years. Marion County banks will be surveyed to find the best interest rate. The skid steer was in the budget under the transfer station’s ability to line item request equipment.

The commission approved an amendment to a conditional use permit for Martin Marietta Quarry. Stone excavation, detonation, and other quarry operations need to be a minimum of 100 feet from the edge of a creek near Clear Creek. The distance was amended from 300 feet to 100 feet because pictures showing reclaimed land — previously quarried — 40 feet from the tributary showed no signs of prior mining.

The amendment also moved the quarrying distance from Marion County roads to 100 feet from the previous 300. All quarried land must be reclaimed to its original state, in this case, wild grassland.

In other business:

  • An estimate for repairs to 330th Road from Tampa to K-15 was presented by Road and Bridge Superintendent Jim Herzet. Herzet outlined two options: a new 4-inch layer of asphalt on the road or a geogrid and then a layer of asphalt. A geogrid is a plastic mesh designed to prevent water damage to the road. The first option would cost the county $1.5 million and the second option would cost $1.8 million.
  • The commission discussed a 10 percent fuel charge from the City of Florence. Florence transports trash from Marion County Dumpsters at the county lake. The commission is looking for clarification on how they will be charged.
  • Communications and Emergency Management Director Michele Abbott presented a report on 911 taxes. Abbott concluded that Marion County would lose $11,000 a year if the Kansas Senate passed its current 911 bill.
  • After an executive session with Sheriff Robert Craft, commissioners voted to raise Deputy Travis Wilson’s salary from $14.06 per hour to $15.08 per hour because of Wilson’s added duties taking care of the canine unit.
  • Marion County Economic Development Director Teresa Huffman requested that the commission apply for a $25,000 grant. The grant will go toward equipment and paying for training classes. The county must apply by April 1.
  • A recycling trailer will be rented from Dickinson County for $200 a month.
  • County Clerk Carol Maggard announced the county will receive a $13,056 workers’ compensation refund.

Last modified March 18, 2010