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COLUMNS: Hope in the Heartland: Grasshopper vs. bees

Pastor of Peabody Bible Church

Ever try mowing with a zero-turn radius riding lawnmower while being dive-bombed by big bees? I steered the mower into maneuvers never seen before in an effort to lose them.

I ended up at the far end of the front yard, looking from buzzing demons to random patches of tall grass. How did I miss those patches while I was performing figure eights, blurring spins, and stop-and-go maneuvers? Furthermore, I think the bees were taunting me — and that’s just rude.

So I sounded the call to advance — I may have actually yelled “charge” — as I thrust both steering levers forward and sped back into battle with one motor humming, two tires churning, three blades spinning, and many bees a buzzing. Oh, it was a sight to behold. And after several full-speed passes, the yard was finished. I lived to mow another day.

OK, so it is just grass and they’re just bees; hardly a cosmic conflict and the grasshopper vs. bees skirmish have no real eternal consequences. But don’t we often give too much attention to minor troubles in our lives?

When we do that, we hand over our peace of mind and surrender our joy of living. Make a list of things that irritate you — do they really deserve the right to control you? Doubtful.

Ask God to remind you of what really and eternally matters. Ask Him to give you back perspective. When we prayerfully read the Bible, He can help us sort things out and see things clearly.

Last modified June 9, 2010