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Civil cases

This information has been filed in civil division of Marion County District Court.

Roger L. Williams, et al., vs. Minh-Hoang LLC, 206 S. Kansas, Newton, et al.; Roger Williams ordered Oct. 2 to appear for deposition Oct. 18; if Williams fails to appear for deposition, Minh-Hoang LLC to apply for bench warrant; pretrial conference set for Dec. 4.


Kimberly Hamm vs. Russell Klenda; trial continued from Oct. 24 to Dec. 3 on request for protection from abuse order.

Russell Klenda vs. Kimberly Hamm; motion for temporary orders continued from Oct. 24 to Dec. 3 on matters of paternity, custody, parenting time, and child support.

Jeremy T. Neeham vs. Christina M. Phillips; answer period extended Sept. 26 to Oct. 24; petitioner ordered to hire a custody evaluator; petitioner granted weekend parenting time; status hearing set for Oct. 24.

Jennifer Neufeld vs. Scott P. Neufeld; decree of divorce issued Oct. 24 on grounds of incompatibility; parties granted joint legal custody of minor child; petitioner granted residential custody with respondent having visitation rights; respondent ordered to pay $219 monthly child support.

Rebecca N. Williams vs. Steven E. Williams; income withholding order issued Oct. 25 for $328 per month from respondent.

Kelli Willis vs. Tracy A. Lare; protection from abuse order proceedings dismissed by agreement of parties.


City of Canton vs. Lisa Caywood, 139 330th, Durham; judgment of $140 made in favor of the plaintiff Oct. 22.


Estate of Delano Scott O’Dell; informal administration granted Oct. 24; heirs are parents Delano F. and Barbara A. O’Dell of Marion; heirs disclaim real estate, so siblings Michael S. O’Dell and Barbara Dianne Burnett will receive equal ownership in a 1/8 section in Marion County.

Estates of Jason Hauser and Lucinda Ann Reed; decree of descent issued Oct. 29; mother Donna L. Hanschu decreed heir of Hauser and granted one-third ownership of real estate in Marion County; husband Duane Reed and children Jeremy Anne Reed and Rachel Elizabeth Thorpe decreed heirs of Reed; granted ownership shares of real estate in Marion County.

Estate of Jona V. Reimer; informal administration granted Oct. 29; heirs are Delbert L. Reimer of Taylors, S.C., and Nadine Reimer Penner of Wichita; each heir granted a one-half share of the estate.

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